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"TR 2" Series

Twin head mitre saws

TR 2A - TR 2B - TR 2B I INT

Double mitre saws. The left sawing head is fixed, the right one is mobile.

In the basic version the traverse is manual: the mobile head is controlled by a hand-wheel complete with numerical gauge to read the length. The VIS version, with hand-wheel and digital display of length, and the NC version, with motorized traverse and Numerical Control positioner are also available.

Machines are complete with rotating table and auto-centering stops at 90° and 45° angles, right and left.

On model TR 2 B I, the two sawing heads can be tilted at 45° inward thus allowing the cut of compound angles. The cutting cycle is electro-pneumatically controlled that enables to execute three cutting cycles:  contemporary down stroke of both saw blades, alternate down stroke of the saw blades, down stroke of only one saw blade for single cuts.

This model is supplied complete with two vertical pneumatic clamps in cycle with saw blade down stroke (the CE version is equipped with two horizontal pneumatic clamps in addition).

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