Automatic push fed saw for optimized and pack cutting.

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The OPTIMA 60 is a Push-Feed Optimizing and pack cutting Cut-Off Saw. It is fitted with the last generation CNC, with adjustable 10.4" Touch Screen display, combines reliability, ease of use and always maintains the ergonomic position of the operator. The pusher system includes a linear encoder and may be fitted with a pneumatic tail clamp (Optional), which ensure very accurate positioning of the work piece (+/- 0.15 mm). The cutting area may be fitted with a system of horizontal clamps (Optional), ensuring the squareness of the cut pieces. The network connection is guaranteed by an available RJ45 Ethernet port and/or USB connection and the software allows for reports on the ongoing production runs, to always be available on screen or through the network, without interrupting the process of the machine. Capable of cutting jobs with step-down optimization of the different lengths present in the program or to process predetermined cutting patterns. This configuration is ideal for pack cutting.

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OPTIMA GB_10 low

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Max. piece thickness 110 mm 110 mm 4 1/2"
Max. piece width 300 mm 300 mm 300 mm
Max. infeed length 4200 mm o 6200 mm 4200 mm o 6200 mm 14' - 20'
Max. feed Speed 60 m/min 120 m/min 60 m/min
Saw blade motor power 4.6 kW 4.6 kW 4.6 kW
Saw blade diameter 450 mm (500 mm Opt) 450 mm (500 mm Opt) 450 mm (500 mm Opt)
Feed motor power 2.5 Nm (.75 kW) 2.7 Nm (1.27 kW) 2.5 Nm (.75 kW)
Cutting Speed 0.5 - 1 sec. 0.4 - 1 sec. 0.5 - 1 sec.
Average number of cuts 15 - 20 / min. 25 - 35 / min. 15 - 20 / min.

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